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Invincible Operating System?

After working with Fortune 500 companies, best-in-class brands, governments, and thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in over 117 countries, we have discovered how to unlock the potential of people in any organization.


It’s not magic. In fact, it is a simple and straightforward formula. First, you assess the organization to discover growth opportunities. Second, you teach high-impact visual tools that are easy to understand and implement in the organization. Third, you follow a continuous process of assessment and training so that everyone is involved and nothing is left to chance. With a thorough assessment, practical tools, and a continuous process, you are ready to take your organization to the next level.



The Assessment is how we discover the current performance of your teams and organization. This provides a clear focus.



The Toolkit is a collection of over 60 visual tools that provide a common language and profound insights to improve your lowest scores



The Process is the annual rhythm we use to make sure everyone is getting the right experience at the right time to improve your team.

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Assessment Overview


What is the Assessment

We have discovered the five key areas that indicate the health and performance of a team or organization. By assessing a group on these areas we know where to focus our effort. The areas that we assess are not fads or trends. They are the timeless fundamentals that organizations have always been built on. This is why the Invincible OS works in any organization, regardless of size or industry. Google’s own Aristotle Research Initiative supports the effectiveness of our Assessment. The key areas are:



Does everyone have communication skills and habits that are healthy and effective?


Does everyone have the necessary trust and psychological safety to fully support and challenge one another?


Does everyone know what the vision of the organization is, how they contribute to it, and what is expected of them each day?


Does everyone maximize their potential and work on the correct things in order to help the organization achieve their goals.


Are you resourced appropriately in terms of skills, capital, and people to achieve your goals?

How do I use the Assessment in my organization?

When you implement the Invincible OS in your organization our experts will guide you through the Assessment each quarter.

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Toolkit Overview


What is the Toolkit

Our Toolkit is a collection of over 60 tools that are simple and visual, yet profoundly deep and impactful. These tools were created using neurolinguistics and have been proven to work in thousands of organizations. Each tool aligns with one or more areas of the Assessment, so when your people are learning a tool they are also improving their Assessment. When you implement the Invincible OS your organization will be taught the Toolkit in various ways using our Process.

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Over 60 Total 

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Process Overview


What is the Process

Our Assessment provides you with an accurate view of your team and organizational health, and the insights in our Toolkit are capable of strengthening your scores. The Process is the rhythm that our certified experts will use to decide what to teach, and when, and to who.

Our Process is a mix of experiences that include everyone in the organization, from team members to leaders, in different ways. Our Process includes self-guided study, 1-on-1 with leaders, team exercises, regular assessments to track progress, and even an annual review.

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Our Process incorporates the Toolkit into the regular rhythm of your organization to improve your Assessment scores, which in turn increases your productivity, improves your culture, helps your bottom line, and much more.

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